Synthetic Fiber Ropes


All of our Stewart Hi-Test® Synthetic Fiber Ropes are manufactured in the USA, using only the first grade and top quality materials available in the market.

All of the yarn fibers used in the fabrication of our Synthetic Fiber Ropes is certified as being High Tenacity, allowing us to provide a finished product with both high strength and abrasion resistance.

The actual nominal diameters of our ropes both meet and exceed the standard specifications required by the Cordage Institute of America.

Our line of Synthetic Fiber Ropes consists primarily of the following:





 3-Strand Twisted Nylon

This rope is manufactured from 100% High-Tenacity Nylon fibers.  Durable, flexible and shock absorbent rope.  The 3 Strand twisted Nylon rope stretches up to 40% before breaking and has the ability to absorb sudden shock loads.  Excellent resistance to UV exposure, abrasion, rot, mildew, oil, acids and most chemicals.


 3-Strand PolyDac Combo

This is a blended rope made of Polyester over Polypropylene core.  It has great UV exposure resistance, good tensile strength, good abrasion resistance and low stretch.  Spliceable.  The product of demand for a low cost utility and general purpose rope for commercial fisherman.


 3-Strand PolyPropilene

This is a very light rope, therefore it will float and can be stored wet.  It is highly resistant to acids, oils and most common chemicals.  Good tensile strength and moderate stretch. 


Double Braided Nylon

This rope has a unique construction of a sixteen strand diamond braid jacket over and eight strand diamond braided core.  High strength, torque free, excellent shock absorption and good resistance to abrasion, UV exposure and common chemicals. Spliceable with shrinkage.  Ideal for marine applications involving shock loading such as choker lines, mooring lines.  Excellent rope to make slings.




We also can offer ropes made with special high performance fibers (Vectran, Dynema, Spectra, Blue Steel, etc.) in various sizes and constructions for any commercial or industrial application as well as specialty applications such as sailboat rigging, marine rope, ski ropes, climbing rope, and arborist rope.

If you require a special product or if you have a special application, we are able to customize our production to satisfy your needs.  Contact us for all your cordage requirements.