Nylon Multifilament Netting & Twine


GTR,  Incorporated has been involved in the manufacturing of nylon fish netting and twines for the last 40 years.  During our history, we have been actively involved in the development of new materials, constructions, and designs for  netting and twine used in the Tuna Fishing Industry.

Our entire line of  Stewart Hi-Test®Tuna Netting and Twine is manufactured in accordance with our specifications for construction, materials, product finishing, and quality control.

Our nettings and twines are manufactured with a High Tenacity Nylon Polymer, that guarantees a finished product with high strength and resistance to abrasion.  We only use nylon yarn which is extruded in a black base, so that our netting and twine will always stay permanently black.  All of our netting is treated with special resins that adhere to the fiber and to prolong and increase their resistance to abrasion.  This same resin contains UV protectors which reduce any degradation of the netting due to sun exposure.  As a final process all the netting is stretched and heat set to guarantee all the knots are set and that the final netting  will be stable while working in the most strenuous of fishing conditions.

We have dedicated all our many years of experience and technological resources to develop our exclusive line of  Stewart Hi-Test® Tuna Netting.  The best materials available in the market, combined with state of the art manufacturing processes, are used  for Stewart Hi-Test® netting to insure it is the very best quality available in the world.

We can also supply 3 strand netting and knotless netting using nylon or various other materials such as Polypropylene, Polyester, or specialized high tensile fibers.