Galvanized Steel Tuna Net Chain

All of our Steel Chain is manufactured under our ownStewart Hi-Test®Specifications, which follow our own very strict quality standards.


OurStewart Hi-Test®Tuna Chain is manufactured using only very high strength steel that is specially heat treated during the fabrication process.  The very high quality galvanizing process used and the very thick galvanizing coating that results, assures that our Tuna Chain provides the best resistance to corrosion and the longest life of any chain in the Tuna Fishing application.


OurStewart Hi-Test®Tuna Chain is passed through zinc bath for a long period of time.  This assures that the final Zinc coating on our Tuna Chain is thicker than any other chain in the world that is used in the Tuna Industry.


All of our Steel Tuna chain is manufactured in the United States of America by ACCO Chain Company, which is a subsidiary of Peerless Industrial Group.


We have worked with ACCO Chain for the past several years to modify, develop, and improve the production process to allow us to offer the best quality Galvanized Steel Chain available for the world fishing industry.  The Galvanized Chain manufactured by ACCO has captured the majority share of the Tuna Industry and other fishing applications using Purse Seine type nets.