Purse Seine Floats


E.V.A Floats are manufactured from Ethylene Viny Acetate (E.V.A) which is superior to other materials such as P.V.C & Synthetic Rubber Floats in every respect.

After working on the technical specifications, together with the manufacture of these floats, we have developed a unique float, capable of withstanding the adverse conditions of use present in the Western Pacific Purse Seine Tuna Fisheries.

  • E.V.A Floats are resistant to extreme weather conditions. They have excellent elasticity. Since E.V.A.  Floats do not break, shrink, or deform it is excellent for Fishing Nets.

  • E.V.A. Floats are light and soft and do not absord water. This results in more efficient and econmical handling.

  • E.V.A. Floats have very high tensile strength which allows continuous use over long periods of time.